Productive. Creative. Confident.

Working with a writing coach, you learn how to be more productive, get the skills to expand your creativity, and gain the confidence to achieve your author ambitions.

No matter where you are in your writing career, support from a professional coach can help you:

  • Take the first steps toward fulfilling your author dreams
  • Build a sustainable writing habit, so you can create great stories today — and in years to come
  • Get honest, constructive feedback on a premise, outline, or full manuscript
  • Untangle a complicated or confusing draft and move forward
  • Get the support and accountability you need to finish your book

One of the big benefits is that the writing coach is not your friend or relative, and has a single purpose in mind: Your success as an author. You can count on friendly yet honest feedback. You get an accountability partner who has your best writing interests at heart. You work with an experienced professional whose focus and expertise are squarely on the art and craft of creative writing.

Working with me, you get a personalized coaching plan that’s designed to meet your needs. Examples of coaching plan goals include:

  • Finishing a book with accountability check-ins and chapter-by-chapter feedback
  • Building a writing practice over 6 months to establish a healthy, long-term author habit
  • Returning to a manuscript to fix problems, restart writing, and follow through on finishing the book
  • Regular coaching sessions to level-up writing skills, with ongoing feedback on novel chapters or short stories
  • Brainstorming and refining a new project, from initial concept through outlining, so you’re confident your novel has promise

Free first consultation

Schedule a chat with me. Our first call is free, and you’re under no obligation to commit to a full-length coaching plan.

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