Hey, I’m Mathias — I’m a published author and writing coach, and I’d love to help you reach your writing goals.

I’ve been writing fiction and nonfiction for 30+ years and actively studying the craft of fiction since my late teens. My determination to crack the storyteller code has led me through workshops, seminars, and an MFA in Creative Writing from Brooklyn College. My bookshelves are heaped with books on writing. My mind is a catalog of writing techniques, which I’m always adding to.

I’ll never stop learning. I’ll also never stop sharing my knowledge with other writers, because one of the great joys of being an author is the strong community that comes with it.

In addition to coaching other writers, I write about writing and publish my own fiction under the name M.P. Black (if it’s your cup of tea, check out my series of cozy mysteries).

I live in Copenhagen, Denmark, with my wonderful family.

If you’re interested in learning more about coaching, feel free to schedule a free 30-minute consultation with me. 👇

Ready to become the writer you want to be?

Your first consultation is entirely free and without any obligation to begin a full coaching program. In our first call, I’d like to hear about your writing practice and goals, and I’ll share more about the coaching process.

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